Truckfile Voice

Truckfile has teamed up with Dakota Integrated Solutions, a leading provider of Honeywell voice-directed solutions that are purpose-built for the maintenance & inspection marketplace, enabling companies to run a better and more compliant business with Voice.

The use of voice technology within these processes now allows a ‘Hands-Free-Eyes-Free’ environment and has enabled leading businesses to elevate their documentation and compliance to levels never-before attainable.

Operators are equipped with a small wearable computer and headset, allowing them to communicate in real-time with the host system, lessening the back-and-forth data entry and look up time on a laptop, handheld device or paper form. Speaking commands and verbally inputting data findings directly into the system via a headset with a microphone, all while performing the inspection task, helps to save time and reduce the number of data entry errors.

Truckfile Voice



Increases productivity by an average of twenty five percent and enables the real-time connectivity of people, assets and data


Highly accurate and consistent recording, ensuring regulatory compliance and strict adherence to the inspection process


Allows a safer ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-Free’ environment, enabling technicians to focus only on the vehicle and the surroundings


Achieve a rapid return on investment thanks to productivity, accuracy and efficiency gains, whilst reducing carbon footprint (no more paper)


Seamless, real-time integration with Truckfile’s Technician Application, allowing for a significant reduction in training times

To Use

Extremely intuitive and easy to use, allowing for rapid deployment times amongst both new and existing technicians


Achieve regulatory compliance thanks to highly accurate and consistent recording processes and data-rich reporting tools and dashboards


Operators use a wearable heaset to receive instructions by voice, enabling them check off and confirm each item within the inspection process

Don't see quite what you're looking for?

We are able to supply a completely bespoke package, so please get in touch for more information if your individual requirements aren't covered by one of our existing modules


Accredited for DVSA Earned Recognition, our fleet management software gives you complete control with everything at your fingertips


Manage the flow of a job in real-time through your workshop seamlessly using our web-based, paperless, touch screen technology


Our simple to use, DVSA compliant, driver check app uses QR codes at key inspection points to help you spot defects early on


Keep all your customer information in one place simply and efficiently using the templates provided for any vehicle or asset type

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An essential tool for the maintenance and compliance of all commercial vehicles

We know the industry inside and out and have designed Truckfile with all types of manufacturers, workshops, fleet operators and drivers in mind.  Our fleet and workshop management systems are simple to use, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Earned Recognition

Cost Centre

Asset Management

Integrated Telematics

License Check

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Vehicle Availability Display

Bespoke Dashboard

Notifications and Alerts

Instant Messaging

Order Management

Staff Permissions

Company Directory

Week Outlook

Complete History

Proof of Compliance

Voice Management

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Technician's App

Integrated Invoicing

Parts Management

Workshop Control

Bespoke Dashboard

Workshop Capacity Display

Defect Reporting

Pre-defined Defects

Bespoke Checks

Driver App

Roadside Documents

Key Inspection Points

Fleet management 

Workshop Management

Fleet & Workshop Management

Driver Checks

The implementation of the system was simplicity itself with help from the field team and office-based support. Our fleet was setup and scheduled for the next three years, all we needed to do was fine tune.

– Richard Hoyland, Greenstar Environmental Limited

Since taking the decision to use Truckfile as a compliance tool we have never looked back. It’s the ideal “all makes” compliance tool. We store all our vehicle documents on the Truckfile document storage system. Notifications come up on the home page, in good time for us to act on.

– Jack O’Sullivan, PGR Builders and Timber Merchants

Every operator should use Truckfile, we keep every document online from the initial purchase through to the end of the life of the vehicle.

– Chris Byrne, Fleet Manager Shanks Waste

From a compliance point of view, I love it. I have full visibility of everything that happens with our truck fleet.

– Jeff Price, ABE Transport

We’ve received tremendous support from the team at Truckfile. Compared to the headache of compiling and storing paper records, it’s been a revelation in terms of both ease and efficiency.

– Mike Waallaard, Staples Vegetables