Truckfile - The heart of the system is compliance...

Much more than just fleet management software

Discover the benefits of the UK’s industry leading, online fleet management software.  Ideal for the management of maintenance and control of compliance for all types of commercial vehicles.  We aim to know the industry inside and out, so have designed Truckfile with all types of fleet operators in mind.  Simple to use, guaranteeing your peace of mind and allowing you to work more efficiently.

The fleet management system ensures your vehicles are 100% compliant.  A simple graphical dashboard displays all the information in one place at a glance.  The driver safety check ensures that your vehicles and assets have been ‘first use’ checked and are fully legal.  The system stores a complete record of information, including defect reporting, alerts and safety information.  The workshop management system seamlessly incorporates all of the necessary workshop functions as well as controlling the whole process for complete compliance.  All with real-time updating for the fleet management records.

The technician application emulates the process of using paper and pen, but with all the benefits of a digital system.  Created by technicians within workshops, it replaces paper based inspection and job sheets to make your workshop more efficient.  Truckfile Telematics works together with our partner GeoTab to provide visibility and control over mobile assets.  Specifically designed to handle the information flow, the system extracts the compliance information needed.

Truckfile ER provides you with access to a comprehensive and secure suite of information needed for the government compliance schemes.  All while satisfying the needs of Earned Recognition more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

DVSA Earned Recognition

With over 13,000 users and in excess of 180,000 vehicles on the system, Truckfile provides the information you need, securely, accurately and all in one place.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“ The walk around defect reporting app is second to none, the drivers do their walk around defect report on their phones and we get the report in the group transport office immediately, via email, which means we can act on any defects straight away. The Truckfile support team are the best support team I have ever worked with, they really do go the extra mile to help you understand the system. ”

Jack O’Sullivan, PGR Builders and Timber Merchants