Workshop Management

No more paper, filing or lost job cards

No more missed inspections, MOTs or servicing

Reduces administration costs and increases turnover

Inspection sheets completed inline with DVSA requirements


Workshop management controls workflow through your service centres

Truckfile workshop management system is designed to help you control the progress of a job through your workshop seamlessly.

Our web based solution allows you to manage the workflow of any job.  Full visibility of progress and changing status, as well as live updates at each stage through to completion.  Designed to operate completely paperless using touchscreen technology, you don’t have to waste time on illegible or missing documentation.

The list of functions is almost endless. You can allocate jobs to technicians, set labour costs for different skill levels and manage shifts for your individual workshop.  This means Truckfile measures both the efficiency of the technicians and the workshop.  The ability to advance load scheduled jobs means that work is continually flowing into the workshop even when the manager is not present.

All job details, times and actions are recorded and stored within the workshop management system and attached to the relevant vehicle.   The manager can view the progress of a job through their workshop from any location.  All data is stored on our secure internet servers so your data can never be misplaced, lost or deleted.


Workshop Management System - Truckfile


Best practice industry standard templates

Truckfile Workshop has an increasing number of built in templates for all types of service and vehicle inspections. We recognise the importance of a system that for works your business, so we’ve designed our templates based on the best practice in the industry.  Most job templates can be designed and adapted for your individual needs and vehicle types.  Any maintenance, inspection or legal event can be scheduled for a prescribed time within the parameters set by the DVSA guidelines.

Screens show the schedules by week, month or year, making it easy to plan your workload.  Automated notifications and reminders are sent to operators and missed events or checks leading to lost revenue or downtime are immediately flagged up.

Ordering made simple

The Truckfile workshop management system provides a comprehensive parts management and stocktaking system.  It enables you to order parts from suppliers, whilst also being able to retain draft orders safely in the system.  Once the order is placed you can view its status until it comes into stock.  You can also run comprehensive order and parts reports at any time with system notifications when a part reaches the reorder level.  In addition the system will also allow the manager to pre-set a maximum order value per user before requiring authorisation from a line manager.


Drive your efficiency forward with Truckfile, the UK’s leading fleet, workshop management and compliance solution.