Technician Application

A technician application that works anywhere it is needed on a range of digital devices

Emulates the process of using paper and pen but with the benefits of a digital system

Makes your workshop more efficient and increases productivity

Live tracking of job completion


A technician application that replaces paper based inspection and job sheets

It’s as simple as filling in a paper job sheet.  Using technology that is simple and easy to use, all items are always completed in our technician application.  All defects have a rectification path and no defects are ever missed.  Furthermore, all questions have the correct answers and job sheets are signed off in a quality control process.  Jobs can be downloaded to the app meaning that it will work without a live internet connection.

Download the App from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store for a range of digital devices (app will only work if you have a Truckfile account to login with).


The technician application to simply your workflow and satisfy digital compliance

Your own job sheets with photographs of defects

Technicians can be allocated jobs from the workshop supervisors or load unallocated jobs onto their device for completion.  Jobs can be timed and more than one technician can work on the same job, either at the same time or completing different parts of the job pack.

Job sheets look like the paper forms technicians use today and can be specific to each customer and vehicle type.  These have to be fully completed by the technician before the job can be ended.  Simply tapping the screen, the technician inputs the required details.  If a defect is found, a range of possible options are displayed for the technician to choose from, saving the need for a written explanation.  Even more descriptive, use the defect note on screen to take a photograph.  The customer gets all the information, including a picture, making the decision to rectify a problem simple.

The ability to monitor jobs flowing through the workshop with live updates of status provides a helpful overview for technicians and managers alike.  Measuring productivity of the team becomes even more meaningful as real time capacity is just a click away.


The technician application has everything you need to simplify the transition from paper based to the digital compliance needed for Earned Recognition