Keep up with the digitisation of fleet management

Accredited by the DVSA for Earned Recognition

All your maintenance and scheduling documentation – exactly where you need it

Online access to historic data and future inspections for the whole life of a vehicle

Fully customisable to suit your business


Truckfile offers evolutionary fleet management

Truckfile’s online fleet management system is completely secure, simple to use and cost effective.  It doesn’t matter how large, small or what type of vehicles are in your fleet, our fleet management system provides 100% proof that your vehicles have been maintained and are fully legal.  We are accredited by the DVSA for Earned Recognition.  With minimum up-front investment you can be in total control of your fleet maintenance with a history of your vehicles from the initial purchase to the end of their working lives.


Fleet management made easy by Truckfile


A complete fleet overview

Using secure logins and passwords, an operator has access to a total vehicle history and a complete fleet overview.  Each vehicle on Truckfile is unique so that you always know your information is associated with the correct vehicle.  Scheduled maintenance checks, inspections, MOT details and future events are recorded in an easy to view timeline. The system is also fully optimised and offers quick and easy access to all documents, scanned files and pictures. In addition, invoices attached to a document from the workshop can be viewed securely, making it easy to amend appointments and update records in real time.  Consequently, no document is ever lost and a complete audit trail is available for any action on the system.

Furthermore, existing information on your fleet can be scanned and uploaded into the system, so that important documentation such as MOTs, maintenance and compliance information can be stored in the same place and accessible for future reference.

Truckfile’s fleet management system makes sure you don’t miss anything for the maintenance and compliance of you vehicles.  You can set up a range of nightly notifications such as scheduled events, flags for overdue tasks and notes of work to be completed in the day.  There are also instant notifications for completed jobs and defects found, as well as overdue work by mileage.  In addition, you are notified instantly of defects from the drivers’ walk around checks and order management system.

Controlling costs

Truckfile provides a completely flexible cost centre to keep track of expenses against budget.  You can create cost centres for vehicles, assets, warranties and employees, as well as being able to add categories as you need them. This cost centre function can replace other spreadsheets for fleet budgeting, offering tangible time and administration savings.

Drivers walk around check (optional module)

The Truckfile drivers walk around check is approved and complies with DVSA requirements on walk around checks and the follow up of defects.  The driver simply scans the applied QR codes, placed at strategic points on the vehicle, ensuring that they complete each point of the visual check.  Please click here for more information.

Telematics (optional module)

A web based vehicle tracking solution providing visibility as well as safety and protection for drivers.  Using realtime and historical information, it brings a whole new level to compliance management, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. Furthermore, driver behaviour monitoring provides added insight into improving driver habits and fuel economy.  Please click here for more information.

To discover more about how Truckfile can benefit your truck fleet operation, please call: 0800 107 2099