Driver’s Daily Walk Around Check

Truckfile’s Driver Walk Around Check is DVSA compliant

100% proof that your vehicles have been checked and are fully legal

Connects the processes needed for the Drivers Check KPI in Earned Recognition

Complete history kept on file for the life of the vehicle


Implementing and using the system is as simple as scan, inspect, transmit and comply

A daily (first use) drivers walk around check needs to be carried out by every HGV driver as a legal requirement.  Furthermore, this needs to be done quickly and efficiently.  The results of the check must be recorded so that you can demonstrate your business compliance with operator licence obligations.  This helps to maintain driver and operator compliance when carried out as part of an overall maintenance programme.

The Truckfile system stores a complete electronic record of the drivers safety check including defect reporting, alerts and records.  The drivers daily walk around check can save you money by finding defects early, which helps to reduce maintenance costs and vehicle downtime.  In addition, by ensuring your vehicles are compliant, you minimise the risk of potential roadside spot fines.

How the drivers walk around check works with QR codes

Each of your vehicles are fitted with a number of Truckfile QR (Quick Reference) codes.  These are etched onto scratch proof aluminium and are designed to withstand some of the toughest operating environments.  To ensure that drivers inspect critical zones for compliance, the codes are applied at key inspection points around the vehicle.  The content of the check can be varied for individual vehicles, specialised vehicles or assets.  The driver selects a defect description from a pre-defined list when defects are found.  The driver can then add further text and take a photograph of the defect, which becomes part of the report.

A copy of the completed check is saved to the hand held device and is also uploaded into Truckfile together with a geographical location of the vehicle.  The driver can then show the check if stopped on the roadside.  In addition, a responsible supervisor will immediately receive a report of all defects to be actioned.  A full history of each check is kept on the vehicle’s Truckfile record and chosen workshops can automatically be alerted for the need of any defect rectification.


Drivers Walk Around Check Process


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