Digital Compliance and Earned Recognition

Accredited for DVSA Earned Recognition

Collates compliance information in a simple to use format

Both paper based and digital information easy to be accounted for

Reduces the burden of enforcement activities


DVSA Earned Recognition

Truckfile ER provides your business with the tools to become an exemplar operator within the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.  It has a full, secure suite of information needed for the government compliance schemes. Furthermore, Truckfile enables you to see the progress of your compliance throughout the month.

To satisfy the present regulatory needs and become an exemplar operator, fleet managers need to report compliance of five maintenance aspects in a digital format.  Truckfile’s maintenance system collates all the digital information required in a simple to use and secure format.  Information is shown on your dashboard in real time for inspections scheduled, completed and completed within the expected ISO week. Along with driver safety check defects actioned and MOT first time passes.

Managing digital and paper input

Obviously not all information required is available in digital format.  We have ensured that all forms of information are easy to be accounted for.  When an inspection document is completed using the Truckfile workshop application, the scheduled event it refers to is automatically satisfied when the job is started.  Therefore automatically satisfying the KPI requirements.

Any paper documents can be uploaded directly into Truckfile using a drop down function that allows you to link the document to the associated scheduled event, together with a declaration that all the relevant sections have been completed and signed off.

If you are using the Truckfile drivers walk around check, defects will automatically be sent to the system ready to be actioned. The system updates the action taken against defects and completes the KPI automatically.  If you are using paper based drivers check books you can add a defect into Truckfile, following the simple defect rectification process.  As a result, the system automatically updates the KPI.

A secure system only accessed by authorised users

We will never allow your data to be sent to a third party.  Being part of the Earned Recognition system does not allow the DVSA to see your information within Truckfile.  The only information the DVSA require is an email stating compliance four weeks after the end of each period.  The system generates the emails automatically, either stating compliance or with a simple attachment illustrating the KPIs not met, as illustrated below.  No other information is sent to the DVSA.


DVSA Earned Recognition compliance reporting


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