Truck Doctor happy with simplicity of platform

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Truck Doctor’s vehicle maintenance made easier with Truckfile

Industry – commercial vehicle maintenance

Sector – independent workshop offering service and repair to truck and trailer operators

Workshop size – five full-length bays, opening 7am-6pm Monday-Friday

Director – Alan Phillips

Truck Doctor vehicle maintenance
Truck Doctor vehicle maintenance

Established in 2012, Truck Doctor grew from Alan Phillips’ previous business – a bus and coach company. Initially intended to maintain its own vehicles, the workshop grew, increasingly taking on external work, until it eclipsed the original operation. Today the site in Whetstone, Leicestershire – just minutes from the M1 – offers a range of repair and maintenance services to commercial vehicle operators across the East Midlands and beyond.



Before Truckfile
Determined to keep up with technology, Truck Doctor had already made the move from paper to digital recording for it’s vehicle maintenance – but found the system it had chosen was very rigid, lacking the ability to adapt and improve as the process of digitising workshop recording progressed.

After Truckfile
Switching to Truckfile changed everything. From installation onwards, Truckfile has co-operated closely with Truck Doctor to create a bespoke package, adapted to its customer’s particular preferences and working practices.




Alan Phillips said:

“Compared to our previous supplier, working with Truckfile has been a real pleasure. Where the other system couldn’t adapt – it was a question of us having to change to fit in – Truckfile gave us a starting point and allowed us to build a package that suits our needs exactly.

Using the Workshop Management function I can have a full, instant overview of every vehicle in our bays at any time. The information is ‘live’, and constantly updated, so I can always check exactly where any specific job is up to – helpfully, I can do this either from my desk, at the click of a button, or remotely via mobile internet connection. Checking back on past records is much easier than ever before, too. Shift management, stock-taking and parts ordering, and scheduling can all be performed through Truckfile.

The guys on the shop floor, meanwhile, find the system’s Technician Application very user-friendly and easy to live with. Before we digitised, they were laboriously filling in worksheets by hand, which was time-consuming and inefficient, and also created a lot of paperwork which had to be stored somewhere. Now they can update records as they go, using either a hand-held tablet or dedicated computer workstation – they can even take and attach photographs to their reports. The process is far quicker and easier, and also means documents are automatically filed and stored securely, so they can never go missing. The information we record can also be shared with our customers, which helps ease any administrative or compliance headaches before they’ve even started.

We’ve been working with Truckfile for three years now and have enjoyed a high level of customer service and support from day one. With the help of the company’s expert advisors we’ve been able to extend and refine our use of the software. It’s a constantly evolving process – even now we’re still finding ways to speed up and smooth out our processes.

We look after a wide range of vehicles of many different makes, models and configurations, for customers with everything from a large fleet to a single truck. Truckfile works equally seamlessly across the board and had really helped to streamline our operation. It has become one of the most important tools we use.”

See more about Truckfile’s workshop management here

The implementation of the system was simplicity itself with help from the field team and office-based support. Our fleet was setup and scheduled for the next three years, all we needed to do was fine tune.

– Richard Hoyland, Greenstar Environmental Limited

Since taking the decision to use Truckfile as a compliance tool we have never looked back. It’s the ideal “all makes” compliance tool. We store all our vehicle documents on the Truckfile document storage system. Notifications come up on the home page, in good time for us to act on.

– Jack O’Sullivan, PGR Builders and Timber Merchants

Every operator should use Truckfile, we keep every document online from the initial purchase through to the end of the life of the vehicle.

– Chris Byrne, Fleet Manager Shanks Waste

From a compliance point of view, I love it. I have full visibility of everything that happens with our truck fleet.

– Jeff Price, ABE Transport

We’ve received tremendous support from the team at Truckfile. Compared to the headache of compiling and storing paper records, it’s been a revelation in terms of both ease and efficiency.

– Mike Waallaard, Staples Vegetables