About us

We are accredited by the DVSA as a maintenance system for Earned Recognition

Truckfile have been providing online, web based solutions for commercial vehicle maintenance and compliance since 2006.  We have become the industry’s leading provider of web based scheduling, document management and compliance systems across the UK, Ireland and beyond.  Over 180,000 individual vehicle records, 3 million scheduled events and thousands of documents uploaded every week.  Over 23,000 users rely on the system on a daily basis.  Truckfile ensures they meet the requirements of the DVSA regulatory compliance.

We have over 12 decades of combined personnel experience of the automotive and transport markets.  We have developed bespoke systems covering all the needs of both fleet operators and workshops.  With our unique drivers walk around check, workshop management and fleet compliance systems, we are ideally placed to provide fleet solutions.

We are continually updating and developing our systems from our support facilities in Redditch, Worcestershire.  We offer our clients the perfect paperless solution to vehicle maintenance and compliance.


 Once you see Truckfile working, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!


The fleet management system ensures your vehicles are 100% compliant.  The driver safety check ensures that your vehicles and assets have been ‘first use’ checked and are fully legal.  The workshop management system seamlessly incorporates all of the necessary workshop functions as well as controlling the whole process for complete compliance.

The technician application emulates the process of using paper and pen, but with all the benefits of a digital system.   Truckfile Telematics works together with our partner GeoTab to provide visibility and control over mobile assets.

Truckfile ER provides you with access to a comprehensive and secure suite of information needed for the government compliance schemes.  All while satisfying the needs of Earned Recognition more accurately and efficiently than ever before.


To discover more about how Truckfile can benefit your truck fleet operation call: 0800 107 2099