Month: February 2019

Workshops set new records with Truckfile

Truckfile digital maintenance systems help workshops and fleet operators say goodbye to the paper-chase of traditional record-keeping. For more than 12 years, Truckfile has been helping workshops to keep their customers compliant and manage their service information easily and efficiently.  The advent of the Driver …Read more»

Truckfile accredited by the DVSA

DVSA Earned Recognition Truckfile ER provides your business with the tools to become an exemplar operator within the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme.  It has a full, secure suite of information needed for the government compliance schemes. Furthermore, Truckfile enables you to see the progress of …Read more»

Truckfile helps Staples Vegetables earn DVSA recognition

Staples Vegetables has been acknowledged as the first truck operator to join the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Earned Recognition scheme, with the help of IT provider Truckfile. The Agency’s flagship Earned Recognition scheme has now been launched, following a year-long pilot. More than …Read more»